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excuse you sir

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Filed under i just want to get back to that model i was making that legit model not an mmd edit i mean i was literally sculpting something with the intent of using it just aasdg sfgnjpfsd last night at dinner when i told you i was in a rut because anything that was available to do either sounded disgusting and unsatisfying or i just wasn't able to get it done because everyone was in my way you expressed concern and tried to think of something for me here's one let me just have a few god damned hours in the living room you wonder why i keep holing myself up in the bedroom well this is why because the moment and i swear to god the /moment/ i sit down to work on that computer you come out and start blaring tv in my ear can't we move this computer somewhere else? somewhere where it isn't visible from literally everywhere? you can see the screen and what's on it clear as day fROM THE FRONT DOOR MEANING WHATEVER DAMNED SALESPERSON THAT COMES KNOCKING ON OUR DOOR CAN SIT THERE AND WATCH ME I MEAN CHRIST FUCK PLEASE not that we actually have any room for it elsewhere i wanted to move it into the service porch but no that's where my younger sister's computer goes you know what fuck you child all you ever do is draw things and go on that fucking dragon site and then get upset at said dragon site

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you would not believe how many times i’ve been talking to someone about the game development and i’ve said something like, “oh yeah, and this is my headcanon voice for the protagonist”

and then stopped

and realized


i am the canon

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