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actually if i use the old casual design for crevan i totally do it

just nab a hoodie

get my teal scarf

put on some boots and jeans

i am crevan

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Anonymous asked: what if. wil pampering and spoiling yuu and always being concerned over his well being while still being stone-faced


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Anonymous asked: How did this go from Kyo being cute to Kyo trying to understand sexual things

i think a different anon started to get involved but i really have no clue who you people are

you have me in the dark

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all the more reason to have him teach a sex ed course

ah yes

kyo pointing to a diagram of the male reproductive system and reading off the labels

and once he’s done with that he fumbles with the clicker and moves on to the next slide with the female reproductive system

and he starts to read off the labels but stops

and stares

and looks at the uterus

and slowly begins to panic because what do you mean they have a hole inside them oh dear admin

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Anonymous asked: imagine kyo giving you a sex ed lesson

laughs because

headcanon kyo doesn’t even understand what a breast is

it never occurred to him that not everyone has the same parts as him

he needs the sex ed course

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Anonymous asked: kyo giving you chocolates he made as a gift for you and getting all shy and asking you if you would want to maybe sorta go on a date sometime...

oh good admin and then the way his ears flush red rather than his cheeks oh anon you’re going to make me explode

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Anonymous asked: Kyo randomly giving you a lap dance out of no where while your in the middle of something and then whispering in your ear that the cookies are ready and then going to get them like nothing ever happened.


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