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For the sake of both continuity and my sanity, I tried mapping out the house I always imagined my ‘loids living in. However, it quickly became apparent that i am in no way a decent architect or interior designer ew what is this

On the first floor, you have the living room [1], the kitchen [2], the enclosed patio [3], the laundry room [4], the utility closet [5], and the recording room [6]. Then upstairs you have the master bedroom [7] where the Zola boys sleep, the guest room [8] where VY2 usually stays, the bathroom [9], and the linen closet [10].

you can probably tell that the recording room and patio were kind of tacked on once i realized there was a void there;;;;


there we go


so now if i ever do get around to writing something i’m not just making things up as i go along

Filed under ignore me just mio and her ridiculous vocaloid aus specifically the most meta au she can get it's literally just the daily lives of the voice banks she owns just four vocaboys living in a little place called programfiles(x86)/vocaloid3

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i told everyone a day in advance that i was going to be filming in the living room today

so then why were they vacuuming, watching tv, complaining about the internet, and asking loud, obnoxious questions while i was filming

Filed under cHrIst you people what the hell you see a camera how is that an invitation to sit down and blare stupid web video shows i already want to cry because what i'm filming is really stupid and embarrassing but this just takes the cake i'm i'm just going to write something to calm myself down

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Anonymous asked: imagine kyo texting memes to wil in the middle of the night

even better if he doesn’t understand that memes need to be established first so he’s sending him pictures of corn on multicolored background with strange statements about doing laundry thinking that he’s just made the next greatest meme

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Filed under to be honest headcanon kyo makes me really nervous because he's such an adorable little dork unless someone gets hurt and then he starts getting angry and snappy or if someone gets seriously wounded and not by accident in which case the entire persona drops off and he turns into some kind of looming monster it makes me nervous because does that mean that the dork kyo is just a facade?;;;;; is he just acting all the time to make people more comfortable around him???? /;;;;;;; is that why he doesn't make a lot of sense because he's justt acting;;;;;??/??;;;;